Monday, September 18, 2006

"The Missing"

The Missing

This cache is a letterbox hybrid from FlyingMoose. It consists of 3 legs, with the cache at the end of the 3rd leg. Legs one and two are landmarks only, there is nothing there to indicate that you have found the correct waypoints.

It is an easy walk or ride. You can easily take a mountain bike here if you are comfortable riding over sticks and small obstacles. The total walk is about a half mile each way (around 1 mile total). We didn't see any snakes, but it is a prime location for them, so be on the lookout. We also suggest long pants and boots, you will be walking through some mud and thorny undergrowth.

The puzzle is pretty straightforward. It is explained on the spoiler page, I won't ruin it for you here.

Finding the cache took about 15 minutes of searching. It is camouflaged well and blends in nicely, but as of 9-17-06 it is there.

This cache was a lot of fun and we recommend it if you have some time and are in the are. Thanks for the cache Flying Moose!



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