Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shameless Self Promotion

GTS is excited to announce the following news and events



Publishing opportunities

We are currently investigating a possible publishing lead with the end goal being a published stand alone collection of our work. The book will require at least 360 images.

We have been approached by Barracuda Magazine and Rod and Kulture Magazine. We will be finding and submitting new pinup models for their printed magazines and web sites.

We are negotiating with an additional 4 print and on-line periodicals and hope to have a contract to work with them soon

Site Hit Rates

Our site recently passed the 3000 hit per day mark and greater hit rates more business for us and more exposure and business for our models.

Why should you care?

Putting all these aspects together, GTS needs significantly more content – more content means more models, shoots and settings. So including our usual contract and TFCD work we need to accelerate our drive to find new models.

With the possibility of being published in a number of printed and on-line periodicals, we feel that the opportunity for a model to establish herself or add to her portfolio using our services is very attractive. To sweeten the deal and help out with our need for new content GTS has decided to launch a new initiative:

The GTS Featured Model

The featured Model receives the following incentives to work with us. The more applications we receive, the more opportunities there will for mutually beneficial opportunities. The GTS Featured Model will benefit in the following ways

1. We will devote an entire page to the model, This page will contain a set number of shoots including new headshots, and various other promotional images, pinup and other more alluring images and some settings and images of the models’ choosing and any additional images that best bring out our skills and best benefit the model.

2. This gallery will be an on-line catalog of shots of the featured lady that will be of great use as a promotional tool.

3. We will provide a pre-determined number of fully edited and ready to use shots for your promotional purposes.

If you are interested, please send:

1: some recent pictures

2: a brief Bio

3: a description of what you are looking for

4: what you will be doing with the pictures

5: what your level of experience is

6: what you have liked about previous shoots

7: what you have not liked about previous shoots

8: a basic outline of your availability over the coming months

Legal Stuff

We will adhere to the normal selection, pre / post and shoot methods that we use daily. Please look at out site to make sure you understand how we work.

Applying to be a GTS Featured Model does not guarantee that you will become one.

GTS reserves the right to refuse, cancel or otherwise remove ourselves from any formal or informal relationship / agreement or understand that we may have with a perspective model on any grounds. If we don’t want to work with you – we won’t.

GTS reserves the right to change the Featured Model incentives at will.

We reserve the right to change any of these details should we feel the need to based on any feedback we may receive, any problems that may occur due to this offer or any new ideas we may have.


If you have images larger than 150K, please email them to photos @ goldenticketstudios.com

Monday, June 26, 2006

banner Pixie TOP TEN

In worship of the Golden ticket studios, stunning banner pixie – I give the world this:

Top ten reasons why the banner pixie rules

10) She wrestles octopi, monkeys and similar beasties
9) Men want her, women want to be her (try her cooking)
8) She rules because she IS the banner pixie
7) When she was here, she wanted to be there, when she was there she wanted to be here
6) The last thing you will see is her gorgeous smile
5) She likes swords and wares guild assassin robes
4) She won’t entertain advances from a man with a smaller arms cache than hers
3) She knows the difference between a timber wolf and an atlas
2) She is corrupting the hearts and minds of the DC, VA & MD youth
1) If you piss her off, she will bleed you, real quiet like

Feel free to add other reasons why she is the pixiest of them all

Drink, drink in her beauty

Admire her images

Worship the banner pixie

So it has been written, so it shall be done


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Smell of Death Around You

For those of you who have never had the joy of riding DC's Metro, you are sorely missing out on a rewarding olfactory experience. Metro prides itself on being clean, efficient, and comfortable. The carpets of the cars are generally tidy, the windows washed, and the station floors mopped. The unfortunate thing is Metro cannot be held responsible for the onslaught of body odor emanating from its customers. If only they were pressure cleaned prior to entering the train, I wouldn't have to write this.

I fail to understand how I can smell someone's stinky ass from three feet away at 8 in the morning, and don't tell me that it's my amazing Wolverine senses. If you're working up that much of a sweat by 8 am, perhaps you should remain idle on your IKEA sofa and become a state funded stink monster. What can possibly cause such pungency in the early morning hours? Are you rubbing animal lard on your dry skin or what? Oddly enough, the perps are always dressed in suits and carrying briefcases and lunchboxes. The construction workers aren't smelly; the cafeteria lady applies her deodorant, even the wild-eyed Vietnam Vet carrying a wooden placard finds time to wash his bits. Clearly, office employees aren't governed by the same rules of hygiene as the rest of us. I always thought cleanliness was a necessity, but the preppy Virginia commuters have debunked that theory and proven that they aren't very god-like.

In order to solve this problem, I think I shall amass a plethora of hotel toiletries (perhaps we could start a collection?) and pass them out as party favors on the train during my commute. All the yuppies can use their mocha lattes to rinse and smell like their favorite corporate coffeeshop. Anything will be an improvement over the slaughterhouse stench I currently have to endure. Something must be done, I can't continue to take vomit bags with me on the train. And I'm pretty certain we all have indoor plumbing...

She's baaaaack...

Our little PinupPixie has been a busy girl. She found the time to write a blog about myspace stalkers, (which I recommend you read if you haven't had the chance) fended off an octopus attack, charmed a particularly vicious squirrel monkey, tended a baby binturong and still had time to hone her assassin skills.

At this point you may be asking yourself "WTF is he talking about?". This is also the point where I would direct you to our photo galleries so you can see for yourself.


Sue's Gallery on GTS

The Flickr Gallery, commenting available

Sue's Myspace page, please don't stalk...she does own a sword

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's all fun and games until the door handles are missing

If I had a dime for every time I receive an asinine message on myspace,I'd be a damn millionaire and not so worried about my artistic career. So yes, I do receive a ton of junk through myspace, generally graphically describing how some pop-collar, Strokes singing, frat boy wants to get under my dress. Such messages aren't sexy, provocative or enlightening. I equate this to whistling at ladies while in the passenger seat of your cousin's El Camino painted with gold flake and Chinese dragons. I don't deny that I appreciate the attention, but I will never understand how the douche bags on myspace think comments such as "I wanna fuk you good gerl," will ever garner a response. Furthermore, I also don't understand why the men on myspace make lame attempts at being "the boy next door," feigning decency and sensitivity. I despise sensitivity nearly as much as I despise dishonesty.

The reason I'm ranting about this is because I've recently found myself the subject of a myspace stalker. There, I said it. After receiving the standard messages from some skinny, pansy-assed fellow we'll call "Zanzibar,"I found myself sighing in disbelief at the sheer stupidity of grown men. I didn't respond, I didn't pursue it, I didn't add him as a friend. A couple days pass and this desperate, probably virginal, douche sends me this:
(read like a pre-pubescent boy beating off to 70's Alice in wonderland porn)

"Hey what's up? I want to be to be totally honest with you because I respect you and don't want to waste your time or mine. I'm an intern in Crystal City VA (D.C. area) this summer (until mid Aug.) and am looking for a girl to be friends with and maybe get a few drinks with. Honestly I'm not looking for a one night stand but am looking for someone one be friends with and go from there. I am messageing you because I think you are hot and you seem pretty cool. Please IM me back at "Zanzibar" (names changed to protect the retarded) on AIM if you are interested in getting to know me. We can chat on AIM first and if you like me we can go from there. What do you think? "

What do I think?!? What do I think!?! I think you're a damn fool, Zanzibar. I didn't respond before, what makes you think that a false proffer of respect and friendship will make me want to "chat" with you? I don't know you and your approach is flacid, at best. You are an intern and you are older than me. Can you guess what I infer from that? An inability to succeed and a lack of drive. Aside from the fact that you can't spell and your message reeks of poor grammar, you may well be a megalomaniacal horny corpse collector with a van full of chains and surgical equipment. I don't wanna end my life in a trash bag on the side of Rte 50.


Let's be honest, I don't need to find friends or lovers on the internet; you've all seen my pictures.

By the way, If you like them, tell me so, I appreciate it. If you're attracted and you feel the need to tell me you want to bang me like a whore in Bangkok, then do so. At minimal, I can respect the frankness. However, don't feed me some ludicrous statement about your respect and the desire "to get to know me." The only thing you want to get to know is how many roofies it takes to get to the center of a Susie-pop.

So, the lesson, boys and girls, is that this is where fame gets you: neighbors pissing on your porch and your very own stalker. Golden Ticket Studios has finally hit the big time.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Are you Pissing on my Porch?!?

Neighbors come and neighbors go. Rarely am I afforded the opportunity to interact with mine on anything but a passing level. Not that I'm antisocial (maybe a little, but that is beside the point), we just don't cross paths often. I say "hello" when we pass in the halls, but that's about it. I don't complain when your hard-of-hearing in-laws fall asleep to 'the game show network' at KISS concert like levels. I don't complain when your socially awkward pre-teen leaves her tricycle and boy band memorabilia in my yard. I don't complain when you practice bacci ball, or cricket at Oh-Dark-Thirty. I don't complain when your toddler teases my already brain dead cat through my kitchen window and drives him absolutely fucking bonkers. I don't complain when your recently-escaped-from-Bellevue son tries to chat me up about cigarettes, weather and American TV in his almost to stereotypical to be real Russian accent.

Nope. I don't complain. I'm a pretty decent neighbor. I let shit slide. I know my music and movies get loud, so it's give and take. I let you do your thing, you let me do mine, right?


Last night I'm sitting on my porch, enjoying a frosty Heineken and entertaining the one and only Super Sexy Sue.

We're chatting away, discussing an upcoming shoot and enjoying the evening. Suddenly a stream of fluid begins splashing onto my concrete porch (glamorous, I know). Sue shoots me the "WTF is that" look, so I hop up to investigate. I poke my head out and what do I see, my new neighbors taking a piss off the balcony, directly onto my porch. Here he is, junk in the breeze, liberating his bladder directly into my living space.

I shout "You've got to be fucking kidding me. Tell me you're not pissing on my fucking porch."

He responds "Oh shit! Sorry dude, I didn't know anyone was down there." He puts his dick away, and scampers back into the house like a roach from the light.

Where do I even begin with this? He didn't know anyone was there? Does that mean it's OK to piss on my property if I'm not around? Seriously, what the fuck are you thinking? Who told you that this behavior was ok?

Now I need to make a choice, I can chalk it up to stupidity, and hope that embarrassing him in front of his boys will make him think twice about doing it again, I can go up there and get into it with him, or I can call the office and let them know that a pack of jackals just took the second floor condo. At this point I think I'm just going to wait it out and see what happens over the weekend. I'm sure it will be interesting.

Does anyone out there on the intraweb have any suggestions? What would you do (don't say shoot the hostage, I already thought that one over)?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

A click of Stumble Upon took me to this page about a stolen Sidekick.

Being the bastard that I am, I fully support Evan's decision to wage a psychological and information warfare assault against the clowns who stole his friends phone. According to his page, he has been viewed about half a million times, and it seems that he has managed to roust the culprits from myspace.

If you haven't read his posts, basically someone boosted a phone that was left in the back of a cab. He contacted the individuals that took the phone and offered a reward. They refused and commenced to talking shit. This was a poor choice. Evan posted pictures, contact information, IM names, and myspace pages, bombarding the thieves with hate mail and other digital nastiness.

Good work Evan.

Aubade Shots...Should They Stay, or Should They Go Now?

Some of you may be familiar with Herve Lewis, he did a series of shots for Aubade Lingerie called "Lessons in Seduction". The shots are black and white, and focus on the female form and rarely include any facial features.

I snapped a couple pictures of our very own Pin-Up Pixie, Sue over the weekend that had a similar feel. Before you start talking trash, I know I'm no Herve Lewis, and I know there are ways to improve the shots. They are candid shots, I didn't use studio lights, backdrops or any of the regular gear associated with a shoot of this nature.

What I'd like to know is, does anyone want to see more? We're thinking about doing a series like this and we're curious if people like it or not.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Quick Update

Not that anyone reads this Blog, but we are back in action on Flickr. Check out the new stuff:


Leave a comment, stroke Sue's ego, or tell us we suck. It's all fine by us.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'd play Sega with Han Solo

During the course of my usual time wasting I stumbled upon a website that features art based on 8bit video games and consoles. One of the pieces of art was titles "No one wants to play Sega with Harrison Ford." If Han wanted to challenge me, I'd probably take him up on it, as long as Calista Flockheart waited on the porch.