Thursday, July 13, 2006

Surefire Ways to Kill Your Modeling Career

Tired of modeling? Has it become too stressful? Has looking pretty and having someone tell you how good you look on film gotten old? We hear ya, and we want to help. Follow these simple rules, and we promise that you career will come to a grinding halt.

  • Say "Mommie used to do my hair this way!".
  • Lie about how frequently you tan. The stylist should want to put makeup on you, not compare you to her handbag.
  • Suggest your stylist should get fake tits.
  • Say "I love this makeup!", then cry to the photographer about it.
  • Crying.
  • Ask your stylist to pop your back zits.
  • Tell the photographer that one look is more than enough. Thanks, Derek Zoolander!
  • Lie about your weight, 'cause the camera adds fifty pounds.
  • Show up drunk, stoned, and reeking of 'sloppy seconds'.
  • Talk about dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.
  • Tell the photographer he's creepy. After all, who wants to take pictures of women in their underwear? Nobody but pervs, that's who.
  • Stop the shoot to answer your cell.
  • Crop out the watermark, and don't cite the photographer. Ever.
  • Nobody likes a woman who shaves.
  • Fuck it, don't show up.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tips for Models on how to Have a Successful Photo Shoot

In order to the photo shoot process as painless as possible, we have decided to compile a list of suggestions to help you, our models make the most of your time with us.

  • Be open and honest. If you're not comfortable shooting implied nude, say so. Telling us in advance gives us plenty of time to accommodate your needs; telling us 30 minutes into the shoot interrupts production and brings the gears of creativity to a grinding halt.
  • Don't lie about your measurements/weight, because if the photographer doesn't figure it out, the stylist will.
  • Be willing to take a risk, every shot might not be perfect, but the one of you laughing at the camera could be a gem. It's ok to ham it up a little bit, have some fun and enjoy the attention, it's all for you.
  • Bring more clothes than you think you need. In the case of attire, more is better. It gives us alternatives and allows us to select the best gear for the set, so pack a bag (Mark can help carry it to the car).
  • Accept the stylist recommendations. We didn't pick her up selling Avon, she knows the deal, trust us.
  • Don't bother with socks.
  • Don't borrow your grandmothers high heels.
  • Don't wear makeup to the shoot.
  • Moisturize.
  • Shave. You're not in ZZ top, or the Indigo Girls.
  • If we offer you something to drink or a snack, you can take it.
  • Show up early. 10 or 15 minutes will do.
  • Be ready to get campy, be silly and have a fantastic time.

Friday, July 07, 2006

We're giving away prints!

Hey Hey...

If you have a place of business (in the DC Metro area) and you could use some wicked photos to hang on the walls, boy have I got a deal for you...

Have a look at my website and my Flickr portfolio, if you see something you like and you're willing to put it on display, let me know and I'll get some prints together for you. Yup, totally free prints, as long as you put them up in your business.

We've got bucket loads of hot chicks, rawker grrls, and little honies to help pimp out your walls.

If you're interested head on over to:

Golden Ticket Studios



If you're interested shoot me an email at photos @ and let me know what shots you like, and tell about your business. I'll order prints and get a copy over to you!