Saturday, November 17, 2007

Would you, could you in a box? No! It says no damn returns!

In my free time, I sell some rockabilly, vintage and punk styled clothing on ebay. I have a stellar track record, no negatives and all happy customers! My auctions feature good pictures (I do work for a studio), accurate descriptions and an invitation to all potential buyers to contact me with any questions prior to bidding. I do not offer returns; I'm working on a very narrow budget. Recently, a buyer purchased a very expensive, new garment, at a very low price. Try the deal of the century, $41 for an item that sells for over $115! Brand new, no problems, but she decides she doesn't like the way it fits.
She was incredibly rude and audacious, choosing to launch a dispute rather than communicate effectively. Ultimately, paypal screwed me and I was required to return her money. When paypal asked me to answer a survey regarding my experience with their dispute resolution process.

Here was my response:

Paypal should be as supportive of their sellers as their buyers.
I sold a brand new item, without any problems, in an ebay auction that stated the store policy of no returns. I offer multiple pictures and encourage all buyers to ask questions prior to bidding. At the time of the sale I had completed nearly 300 positive transactions for similar and the same items, new and used. An investigation into the buyer's track record and feedback would have shown that she consistently complains about new items and suggests that she is manipulating your flawed system. Having paypal force me to take a return from a buyer who didn't contact me with a problem until 2 weeks after the sale, completely invalidates my store policies. Additionally, I cannot now sell the item as new, as it was in her home for ages and carries the stench of wear.
Furthermore, the buyer was rude, accusatory, and threatening which is a direction violation of ebay policy, yet according to paypal, that is acceptable and appropriate behavior for getting what you want.
This experience has taught me that no sale is ever final with paypal. I sell and buy frequently with the service, yet I realize now that with arrogance and lies I can force sellers to return money to me regardless of seller policy.
I am very disappointed with this experience. I was never asked to provide a statement, email transaction, a copy of the auction, or photos. No examination of the past transactions of either party occurred, had it, anyone with two brain cells would have realized that there is certainly questionable behavior occurring on the buyer's half. There is very little certainty when selling through paypal, yet a buyer is ultimately encouraged to behave flippantly and force sellers into reimbursing.
When the monopoly changes in the online buying/selling world, I will assuredly be taking my business elsewhere.

Please understand, this is not the studio speaking, this is me, needing to rant about this horrid experience. Comments appreciated! And if this hasn't turned you off from me, check out retro_resale on ebay. Great track record!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Retro Pinup Holiday Photo Shoots!

Golden Ticket Studios offering discounted Christmas Shoots!

Yes it's that time of year. We're offering so much extra stuff with these holiday shoots, it's almost painful. There are extras galore, like more prints and free underwear! So come on and buy a shoot for a friend, embrace your beauty, or make yourself into a pinup siren for that special someone in your life. And if you don't want it to be pinup, we can also do fashion, glamour, and punk rock!

Hell, I dare you to challenge us.


3 hours of shooting time just for you!

1/2 hour Makeup and Hairstyling session by a professional stylist.

Select Costumes and props

5 professionally edited, high-resolution images of your choosing

Opportunity to be featured on our website

A chance to be featured in Golden Ticket Studios’ Cheesecake Corner on PMjA

A devilishly sexy pair of “Golden Ticket Studios” undies! I mean who doesn't want a pair of GTS panties?

And, you get a choice of three fabulous sets:

“Sweetheart Pink” Set, think all pink, all the time.

“A Present for Big Daddy” Set, what's better than jumping out of a cake? Jumping out of a gigantic present!

“The Snow Princess” Set, where it's you, the snow, and wintry beauty!

Shoots will be Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9, from 9am to 11pm.

Slots still available are: (We will try to keep this updated as more bookings come in)

December 8, 2007



8-11: Booked

December 9, 2007



8-11: Booked

Only $225 for 3.5 hours and ALL of the sexiness above!


Hey Sue, "Do you offer discounts on group photoshoots?" Hell yes we do, snitches!

We will offer discounts for group photoshoots, as well as ADD more time to your shoot!

The number of people will determine your discount. This is a GREAT way to save money and have fun with your friends! Each model for a group photo shoot receives 5 professionally edited, high resolution images of her choosing, as well as 2 head-shots of herself. So not only do you SAVE money, but you actually get more for your buck. That's more money for booze, more money for chicken nuggets, more money for gas.

But you must book quickly, as the timing is important! If necessary, we may be able to book group shoots for Friday, Dec 7 and Monday Dec 10.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.

Too book your shoot, email us at

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Super Sexy Sue in a Pinup Contest

All hail! All hail! A desperate woman throws herself upon the mercy of the reading public. I, yes, I, the Super Sexy Sue, am in a retro pinup contest at Kitten Koffin Zombies. And I need your votes!

Vote for the love I've given you, the glorious pinups, the locker photos, the autographed shoes! Vote for blondes and babes, hot rods and cold beers. Vote for me please! Vote for the kick ass retro photography by Golden Ticket Studios.


The competition is heating up and I'm breaking my nails trying to claw my way to the top! I can't do it without you all! Please click the link and fill the white bubble by my name.

I know what you're asking. You're asking why I want to win. And I'll be quite honest. If I win, I get to be Miss July for the Kitten Koffin Calendar, and what's more goddamn patriotic than a curvy blonde shaving her legs? What a way to celebrate American Independence! So go ahead and show some love and some patriotism. You can vote EVERY 24 HOURS! (until June 19th).

Click any of the numerous links in this post and of course, feel free to be dirty. Do it every day.



Friday, March 23, 2007

Photography Contest

Sue needs your votes. A portrait of her has been entered in a portraiture contest at

If you have the time to stop over and vote, we would really appreciate it! There is a link at the top to register, if you are not interested in the site, just unclick the box that allows them to email you, hooray for no spam.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to vote.

Click here to view and Vote!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gil Elvgrin Shots Posted to the Gallery

Gil Elvgrin Shots Posted to the Gallery

Many new pinup shots of your favorite model, Sue, have been posted in the gallery. Be sure to have a look.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Introduction to Geocaching

We made a new video titled "Introduction to Geocaching with Team-Tiki". Yes, I know I spelled "trinkets" wrong. You can watch it on Youtube. Enjoy.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Commuter Cache

This one is an easy Cache&Dash from The Weary traveler. It is hidden in a commuter parking lot right off of Sunset Hills in Reston. The description says you can get it on the way to or from work, but you are bound to be spotted looking for it, it is in a very public place. If you do not want to be seen, I would suggest grabbing this one after rush hour, or at night.

We found this one pretty quickly, but it may be tricky for some folks. More details on that on the spoiler page.

Click here for the spoilers.


"The Missing"

The Missing

This cache is a letterbox hybrid from FlyingMoose. It consists of 3 legs, with the cache at the end of the 3rd leg. Legs one and two are landmarks only, there is nothing there to indicate that you have found the correct waypoints.

It is an easy walk or ride. You can easily take a mountain bike here if you are comfortable riding over sticks and small obstacles. The total walk is about a half mile each way (around 1 mile total). We didn't see any snakes, but it is a prime location for them, so be on the lookout. We also suggest long pants and boots, you will be walking through some mud and thorny undergrowth.

The puzzle is pretty straightforward. It is explained on the spoiler page, I won't ruin it for you here.

Finding the cache took about 15 minutes of searching. It is camouflaged well and blends in nicely, but as of 9-17-06 it is there.

This cache was a lot of fun and we recommend it if you have some time and are in the are. Thanks for the cache Flying Moose!


Geocaching Walkthroughs

In our continuing effort to battle boredom in the slow fall months some members of the GTS team have decided to take up the sport of Geocaching.

We have also decided to review our treks here. We will have a 'spoiler free' review on the main blog with links to pictures of the hiding spots on a separate page.


Thanks for reading and happy caching!