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Welcome to GoldenTicketStudios

Golden Ticket Studios Desktops, get 'em while they're hot.

Grab one of the GTS girls for your desktop. Available in the 3 most popular sizes. Download one now, you know you want to.

Super Sexy Sue Shaving Desktop
The Devil Keeps a Mistress
Super Sexy Sue Lounge Master Desktop
Sable Sin Cyr Spilled Groceries
Sable Sin Cyr A Near Miss

Want MORE?

Want a picture for your desktop that you don't see here? EMAIL us, and we'll make it happen. Just send us a description of the shot, or the image title from FLICKR and we can hook you up.


Golden Ticket Studios Gallery Quick Reference:

Gallery One Editorial Shots

Gallery Two Headshots

Gallery Three Around DC Shots

Gallery Four Vector and Product Graphics