Saturday, November 17, 2007

Would you, could you in a box? No! It says no damn returns!

In my free time, I sell some rockabilly, vintage and punk styled clothing on ebay. I have a stellar track record, no negatives and all happy customers! My auctions feature good pictures (I do work for a studio), accurate descriptions and an invitation to all potential buyers to contact me with any questions prior to bidding. I do not offer returns; I'm working on a very narrow budget. Recently, a buyer purchased a very expensive, new garment, at a very low price. Try the deal of the century, $41 for an item that sells for over $115! Brand new, no problems, but she decides she doesn't like the way it fits.
She was incredibly rude and audacious, choosing to launch a dispute rather than communicate effectively. Ultimately, paypal screwed me and I was required to return her money. When paypal asked me to answer a survey regarding my experience with their dispute resolution process.

Here was my response:

Paypal should be as supportive of their sellers as their buyers.
I sold a brand new item, without any problems, in an ebay auction that stated the store policy of no returns. I offer multiple pictures and encourage all buyers to ask questions prior to bidding. At the time of the sale I had completed nearly 300 positive transactions for similar and the same items, new and used. An investigation into the buyer's track record and feedback would have shown that she consistently complains about new items and suggests that she is manipulating your flawed system. Having paypal force me to take a return from a buyer who didn't contact me with a problem until 2 weeks after the sale, completely invalidates my store policies. Additionally, I cannot now sell the item as new, as it was in her home for ages and carries the stench of wear.
Furthermore, the buyer was rude, accusatory, and threatening which is a direction violation of ebay policy, yet according to paypal, that is acceptable and appropriate behavior for getting what you want.
This experience has taught me that no sale is ever final with paypal. I sell and buy frequently with the service, yet I realize now that with arrogance and lies I can force sellers to return money to me regardless of seller policy.
I am very disappointed with this experience. I was never asked to provide a statement, email transaction, a copy of the auction, or photos. No examination of the past transactions of either party occurred, had it, anyone with two brain cells would have realized that there is certainly questionable behavior occurring on the buyer's half. There is very little certainty when selling through paypal, yet a buyer is ultimately encouraged to behave flippantly and force sellers into reimbursing.
When the monopoly changes in the online buying/selling world, I will assuredly be taking my business elsewhere.

Please understand, this is not the studio speaking, this is me, needing to rant about this horrid experience. Comments appreciated! And if this hasn't turned you off from me, check out retro_resale on ebay. Great track record!

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