Every menu item has it's accesskey which is underlined and you can access it by pressing ALT+character (CTRL+character on Mac).

Hovering over the menu items reveals it's short description.

The Missing, by Flying Moose

The missing is a letterbox hybrid consisting of 3 legs. Park off Hunter Mill road next to the crossing of the W&OD trail. The trail is directly in front of you and Hunter Mill will be on your right.

Cross Hunter Mill and look for a stretching post shaped like a cross. This is the first 'Grave Marker'.

The tall power structures are the 'Giants'. Walk down the paved path until you hit the third tower. You will be in front of a bridge.

Turn left to follow the river, this is the 'Brown Snake'.

Look for a fire pit off the trail, that is the "Firey Pit of Doom."

On your left in the forest is a tree with a broken trunk and one large branch extending from it. This is the 'Monster". See spoiler picture one.

Directly behind the monster is a tree with 2 trunks, that's the "Hydra" where the cache is hidden, see picture 2.

There are several 2 trunk trees in the area, so look for the one in the picture. The cache is hidden on the trunk where the trees come together.  It is a square plastic box covered in camo tape.

Have fun!


Spoiler Pictures, do not look if you want to find it yourself!